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Translate PDF files for Free

If you don’t want to pay a professional translation company to translate your PDF files, you can try translating your PDF files for free using machine translation software like Google Translate.

Translate PDF files for free with Google Translate

Translate PDF files for Free
Google Translate provides free translation of PDF files

Google Translate provides direct translation of PDF files for free. Click here to get started. Select the PDF file you want to translate and click Translate. The file is translated and displayed in the browser.

There are several drawbacks to using this method.

  • The obvious drawback is that machine translation often yields poor quality translation, but let’s leave that aside for now.
  • The page layout of the PDF file is not retained, and Google translates the text in HTML format using default fonts.
  • You can only save the translation as an HTML file, and you can’t download the file as a PDF. You can print the file to PDF format, but the page layout will be messed up and unlike the original file.
  • If you are translating between RTL and LTR languages (e.g., English to Arabic), the direction is not switched and you are left with a faulty translation.
  • If the file is scanned or otherwise poor quality, Google can’t translate it at all.

Converting the PDF to an editable file format

Another way to translate your PDF files for free is to convert the PDF file to an MS Word file, or other editable file. Once you do so, you can translate the editable file using Google Translation, MS Word or other free translation programs.

There are both free and paid software applications that can convert PDF files to text, RTF or MS Word format. One of the best paid applications for PDF file conversion is Adobe’s own ExportPDF. This is a cloud-based solution which starts at about $2 per month. It converts PDF files very well, retaining the original page layout very well in most cases. Other paid products are Convertio and ABBYY PDF Transformer. Another free solution for converting your PDF file to editable format is Google Drive.

But even these applications do not always retain the page layout of the original PDF file. Some work will be required if you need the page layout to be the exact same as the original. And if the file is scanned or otherwise poor quality, the conversion to editable format will not always work well.

Professional translation of PDF files

If free PDF file translation does not work for you, if it does not yield the results that you need, you can use a professional translation service like GTS to translate your PDF files. A professional translation service will deliver a perfectly formatted, high quality translated PDF file. Click here to get a free price quote for professional PDF file translation.

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